Our Dogs

We take pride in our level of time, attention, and socialization given to our dogs. They are members of the family, helpers on the farm, and companions in the field.

Blue Manor’s Stormy Weather Rose

  • Registered Name: Stormy Weather Rose
  • Birthday: December 21, 2019
  • OFA Hips: Fair

Stormy is our resident sweetheart firecracker, and currently our primary dam. She’s got a sweet temperament with a strong drive to get those birds. She loves snuggling on the couch, chasing her favorite disc across the yard, hanging out with the dogs, and of course birds.

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Blue Manor’s Ricochet Retta

  • Registered Name: Ricochet Retta
  • Birthday: July 22, 2022
  • OFA Hips: *Too Young*

Retta is our newest addition, and she fits into our family perfectly. She and Chief are best friends and she and Stormy are on our laps every night. She’s got a sweet temperament and a great nose, a lot of drive and energy, but is very calm in the house. Retta is obsessed with Chief, and she can’t understand why the cats don’t want to play with her. She just wants to be part of the action and keep up with the big dogs.

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The Rest Of The Gang

Registered Name: Firestorm Chief
Birthday: September 7, 2020

Chief is the watchdog and happy lug of the group. While he didn’t end up being a viable stud for our breeding program, he’s a wonderful member of the family and a loyal companion.
Birthday: December 12, 2015

Kripke is our family pet, she is a lab/border collie mix and she is a calm and steady presence in the house.
Birthday: February 25, 2012

Jazz is Kenzie’s dog through and through and is always at her feet! She loves people and is a registered therapy dog, she and Kenzie have visited schools, hospitals, and retirement homes; Jazz cheers up anyone who meets her. She is almost 11 years old but everyone is shocked when they hear her age, she still acts like a puppy!